The understatement of the day is that there has been a lot going on.

In an effort to be brief so your eyes don’t glaze over as they scan down the page:

First, there’s this awesome print. For all of the coffee lovers in the world (yes, raise your hand. It’s you, me, and 85% of the people we know). And it’s available in the shop. At this very moment!



Then, there are these beauties:


Victoria just about the nicest and most talented acupuncturist out there (oh yes, and I feel amazing, thankyouverymuch). And they’re printed on bamboo paper. Double whammy!

And not 48 hours after the completion of Victoria’s business cards, I found myself here:


Yes, those are palm trees. That’s a beach. The lovely Caribbean nation of Barbados, in fact. 5 days of doing absolutely nothing but eating great food and drinking lots of these:


Fact. Frozen rum drinks taste better when drunk in close proximity to a beach with an island breeze (for those of you curious, the great rum ball experiment with all of the duty-free booze will commence this weekend).

Then about 12 hours after stepping off the plane, it was back to the studio:


That’s a 5-color map printed on a lush 220# duplex cover for a great gal’s wedding invites.

I’m also working on a total website revamp. Stay tuned!