So, I’ve been a little sparse on the posts lately. There’s been a lot of cleaning and organizing going on. Instead of telling you about my multiple trips to Home Depot and getting screws unstuck in the vice, I figured I’d save you the boredom.

Last weekend, the press finally made it’s inaugural run!

One day later, this happened:

The studio is in Red Hook, Brooklyn, one of the places in the New York region seriously devestated by Hurricane Sandy. Fortunately, all my equipment and supplies are intact, but the building (and the entire neighborhood) is a total mess.

I feel very lucky, and our flooding was much less severe than other people that lost houses and all of their belongings.

The area is still without power, and I’ve been there the past two days, trying to clean and dry things out. (Ask me later about alternative uses for kitty litter.)  More updates to come soon.